After All That, Jeremy Lin Actually Went To Dinner At Del Frisco's Steakhouse Tonight

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This looks to be the first major misstep in Jeremy Lin's Knicks career: After we reported that many of Manhattan's finest dining establishments would shuffle their schedules to seat Jeremy Lin (and five guests) tonight at eight, he went instead to Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steakhouse, a reader reports:

After the whole restaurant experiment, J Lin chose none of them...he and Landry Fields walked right by our table at Del Friscos as the entire upstairs cheered for him. The staff was as giddy as everyone else. Good moment.


(Someone else mentioned the moment on Twitter.)

Sounds like a nice time, Lin and his buddy Fields going for steaks in Midtown. Maybe they went for bone-in ribeyes. Perhaps Lin had a dry-aged porterhouse and Landry a filet mignon. Or both might have chosen lobster and split a cauliflower-brie gratin. We don't know—our sources aren't that good.


But we do know this: Jeremy, you whiffed. Judging by the timestamp of the email and the tweet, Lin and Fields settled in for dinner sometime between 11 p.m. and midnight, which is to say they could have taken the tables at Del Posto, Babbo, or Le Bernardin that opened up at least 30 minutes after eight. And that's to say nothing of Eleven Madison Park—which New York recently ranked the top restaurant in the city, and which served this author the best meal he's ever had—where Lin's six-top could have been available at 9:45, or Minetta Tavern, where Lin could have found better meat than Del Frisco's in a more charming atmosphere, and at 8, no less. Who's the insane one, again?

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