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Illustration for article titled After Blown Save Jonathan Papelbon Promises $5K For A Walk-Off Homerun, Jim Thome Cashes In

Jim Thome hit his 13th game-winning home run yesterday, good enough for a weird Major League record only the folks at Elias think about. It was also good enough for $5,000, according to Jonathan Papelbon. Paps came in to a 6-4 Phillies lead over the Tampa Bay Rays in the ninth inning and promptly gave it away on a pair of RBI singles.

"I came in the clubhouse, and I said 'Whoever walks this guy off, I'll give 'em five grand.' I didn't think Jim would do it right off the bat. ... I just wrote him a check for $5,000."


It was the 609th home run of Thome's career and he is now tied with Sammy Sosa for seventh place all-time. Thome denied that he got any money from Papelbon, but if you watch the video below, it sure looks like he asked for it.

Papelbon writes $5,000 check for Thome's home run [USA Today]

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