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After Getting His Head Stomped On, Zlatan Ibrahimović Explains Elbowing Tyrone Mings: "It Was Unlucky He Jumped Into My Elbow"

Both Tyrone Mings and Zlatan Ibrahimović somehow avoided penalties after swapping some nasty plays in Manchester United and Bournemouth’s 1-1 draw today. After first clashing when Ibrahimović seemingly pushed Mings to the ground, things really got heated just before halftime when Ibrahimović tripped and Mings stomped on his head. He responded by throwing an elbow a few minutes later:

Ibrahimović, for his part, later told reporters that everything on his end had definitely been unintentional and “it was unlucky he jumped into my elbow”:

Though neither was penalized immediately, retrospective action is possible. Manchester’s José Mourinho, for one, has weighed in: “If you ask me that I am happy if Tyrone Mings gets three or four or five matches ban, I really don’t care about it. He knows what he did. He knows better than the referee the intention or the emotion of the moment.”

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