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After They Lock Up All The Cricket Stars, Are All Of Us Next?

The "Brad Pitt of cricket," Imran Kahn, has been thrown into prison by Pakistani President Gen. Pervez Musharraf for speaking out against the government, and is now on a hunger strike. You thought American politics were a mess? Imagine if Tom Brady was thrown in the slammer for his political views, and then his hot girlfriend began a public campaign to get him freed. That's pretty much what we have here.

Noted for his good looks and charm, Khan was not shy about his Western ways during his days at Oxford University and as a world-class cricket player. He drank alcohol, dated society women and eventually married Jemima, a British heiress of Jewish heritage. By the late 1990s, a more devoutly religious Khan emerged onto Pakistan's often corrupt and chaotic political scene. He swore off alcohol and presented himself as just the man to clean up politics.


Proving once again that cricket will never be taken seriously until its stars get their priorities straight, and begin electrocuting dogs.

Pakistan's Imran Khan On Hunger Strike [Associated Press]

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