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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Illustration for article titled Afternoon Blogdome: A Real Man Doesnt Keep His Date Waiting

Who do you think pays?: Spies say Alex Rodriguez was praying for rain last weekend in Boston, because he had a hot date to get to—with Tom Brady. Those two crazy kids should be very happy together. [With Leather] • Gee, your bleeding nipples smell terrific!: You know what will help your time at this year's Marine Corps Marathon? The VIP port-a-potties, complete with oak vanities, flushing toilets, and fragrance dispensers. It's enough to make you regret ever running a marathon! [DC Sports Blog] • We're with Jacoby on this one: Breaking! Jacoby Ellsbury may not actually be typing the posts on his playoff blog. As if he could ever risk injuring a finger and destroying his lucrative off-season hand modeling career! [Center Field] • What would the Bunnies think?: 49ers linebacker Patrick Willis would never stoop to such trickery on his Playboy blog. Maybe Deadspin could use some more YouTube boxing coverage? []


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