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Afternoon Blogdome: Adam Morrison Cut Down In His Prime

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What is that ... thing?: Hey, everybody ... Adam Morrison got a hair cut. I believe this is the plot of "Saw VI" [Bobcats Baseline] • What did he ever do to you? Oh, right: How long has it been since you thought about punching Vince Carter in the face? You're thinking about it right now, aren't you? [Food Court Lunch] • Or just cancel your cable: How to sabotage NBA TV's Fan Night. Why? Like you need a reason? [Nets Are Scorching] • Even he won't root for the Patriots: Hank Williams Jr. had better pick a team and he better pick one quick, because his sports patriotism is being called into question. I even heard a rumor that he pals around with Bengals fans. [Sean's Ramblings]


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