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For the love of the game, not the players: Apparently, Alyssa Milano has decided that dating baseball players is no longer beneficial to her personal well-being."They are grown men playing a little boy's sport. That makes them childish," she said. Based on the stunning post-Milano regressions of Brad Penny, Barry Zito, and Carl Pavano, pitching coaches throughout the major leagues are eternally grateful for her decision. [Baseball Musings]

New York City inundated with All-Star opulence: Last night, the All-Star party-hopping was in full-swing as the big-timers gallivanted about the city in search of excess. Brooks popped by the Derek Jeter-Michael Jordan affair at Marquee and ended up getting a picture of the tubby actor from Borat, whom many revelers confused for John Kruk. [Sports By Brooks]


Tom Watson is still a gamer: 58-year-old Tom Watson is confident he can still compete in the field at the British Open this year. “I feel as if I could compete here. I have played half-decently in the Open the last few years," he told USA Today. These are the thoughts a Tiger-less PGA Tour, ladies and gentleman. [Dogs That Chase Cars]

Chris Snyder has learned a valuable, nutty lesson: Arizona Diamondbacks catcher Chris Snyder is finally almost fully-recovered from his horrific testicle fracture and will be back in the lineup soon. Not taking any more chances, Snyder has opted to wear the Nutty Buddy cup developed by ex-pitcher Mark Littell. [AZ Sports Hub]

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