This was just like my 22nd birthday party: "Which was to be expected, because the one thing Andray Blatche really needed to finally elevate his game to the next level was photos of himself with extensive letter "A" bling and a tank top, hosting a birthday party whose guests reportedly included Gilbert Arenas, Michael Beasley, Kevin Durant, Big Tigger, Redskins rookie receiver Devin Thomas and model Gloria Velez. Now that that's crossed off the list, no more excuses." [DC Sports Blog] • LPGA's quest for more English, more sponsorships may have backfired:"Saying it was "flabbergasted" by the Ladies Professional Golf Association's new policy requiring "effective communication in English on the part of all of our Tour members," State Farm is urging the group to reconsider — or the insurer may reconsider its sponsorship." [Fanhouse] • Chris Cooley's fantasy draft party is everything you'd hope it would be: Still can't figure out why the selection of LenDale White was "gay". [KSK] • German skateboarders have it tough: Apparently, it's a crime to skate to fast. Stop pushing so hard. [Randball]