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Afternoon Blogdome: Driving The Ball Up The Middle

Sometimes you feel like a nut...: The five words you never want to hear at the end of your MMA fight: "The right testicle is inside." [With Leather] • Mile High Mediocrity: Putting together a list of the Denver Nuggets' greatest "intangibles" players is not as hard as it seems. Naming five Denver superstars would be the real challenge. [Denver Stiffs] • Fuck you, pay me: Bengals beat writer finally pays off on his bet with Carson Palmer over the USC/tOSU game—with the worst face painting job of all-time. You don't even want to know what Matt Leinart made that girl from Columbus do. [Lot D] • We've seen better crap at a turd museum: Gee, which eBay Yankee Stadium dirt auction should you bid on first? It all looks so appetizing! [UmpBump]


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