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Afternoon Blogdome: Emeril Lagasse Is Dan Le Batard's Bitch

Shut your mouth, and know your role: It doesn't matter who you are, when serving Dan Le Batard food, you mind your place. "He asked if we needed anything or wanted anything and what I was supposed to say was, ‘yes I would love a photograph with you, Emeril.’ As if what the hell would I do with a photograph of Emeril Lagasse? What do I want a photograph with you for? Go get me my food....BITCH.” [On The DL] That's no butterfly: What lies beneath the shirt of a Song Girl? Trust us—there's no way you guess this one correctly. [Busted Coverage] How's the knee, Eldrick?: Tiger Woods is more powerful than Roger Goodell, or any other sports business person anywhere. Then why is he still doing those horrible razor commercials? [Dogs That Chase Cars] We miss The Unknown Comic too: Bengals fans are taking their 0-5 start well. And they look terrific doing it! [Sporting News] The sweetest dump there is: Finally, a look at the Brooks Marine Corps Marathon executive VIP crappers. [CNBC]


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