Handsome head shots of America's sports columnists: Unfortunately, most of these men are probably married. But there's no reason you can't admire some of God's finest craftsmanship. If you need to spend some private time alone after viewing these, I completely understand. [Joe Sports Fan] • Jeff Garcia's father is furious at Jon Gruden: "The guy [Brian Griese] throws eight interceptions or 10 interceptions in three games, how the hell … c’mon. Hey, I kept waiting for the damn thing to backfire on [Gruden] because he was going to teach Jeff a lesson or whatever the case was, not that it didn’t come down to the Denver game, but they didn’t move the ball much those first three quarters. But it haunts you if you’re just saying, ‘I’m gonna do what’s best for the team (by sitting Jeff).’ Well you know what? Jeff is what’s best for that team because he has more talent, he understands the offense and he doesn’t turn the ball over." [JoeBucsFan] • Rick Rolling just didn't work as well for Michigan band: Maybe they should have done it throughout the entire game in order to beat Toledo? [World of Isaac] • Where the Giants pass rush went wrong: Everywhere it seems. "Yes folks, out of 30 plays, our pass-rush made a positive impact once. It was on the Browns second series, when Jay Alford made a nice move to free himself before leaping and tipping Derek Anderson’s pass for an incompletion. (Alforld later made an awful play on Cleveland’s 117-yard third quarter drive [literally] when he forced Jason Wright forward while tackling him, thereby giving Cleveland a key first down on a 3rd down play.)" [NYGmen.com]