Damn Google:: "You’d be lying to say you don’t care about those things … there is some ignorance out there and people can say whatever they want. (Someone wrote), “Adult film star is now a Fox reporter.” My name, if you Google it, is the same (as that of an adult film star). It’s ignorance. But … I don’t have to like everybody. Everyone is entitled to an opinion." [Randball] • This shouldn't cause too many problems: "Bolton, a English Premier League team, is going to give away free beer to fans in an effort to pack the stands before a game against rival Blackburn on Saturday." [The Beautiful Game] • Moneyball: The Movie: And Billy Beane will be played by none other than...Brad Pitt? [SBB] • Devin Harris comes to terms with being housed by English bloke: "Yeah. And then the fast dribble, I was a little bit in awe. He caught me, put it through the legs. Maybe it was the time difference [grins]. But no, he made a good move." [InsideHoops]