He is very photogenic: You know, I didn't read a word of this post, but man ... people sure do like getting their picture taken with life-size representations of Shaquille O'Neal. [Moderately Cerebral Bias]

Faced!: Don't try to blame the Yankees offseason moves on the economy ... or Rob Iracane will cut you! [Walk Off Walk]

Oh, Canada...: Even Canadians can't bring themselves to search for hockey on the internet. Or maybe they're just tired of not getting any results? [Melt Your Face Off]

Get him!: It's easy to blame the BCS for the Texas Longhorns' misfortune, but perhaps fans should redirect all of their anger and scorn on to the shoulders of this 18-year-old kid instead. [Fantasy College Blitz]


An offer you can't refuse: Meet ESPN President George Bodenheimer and then you can discuss how much he will pay for the broadcast rights to you next birthday party. [College Hoops Journal]