This should make Yao Ming less terrified:"Far from offering further evidence that Artest is a madman, here we find Ron Ron just taking up a retro trend whose time has returned. Peep the cover of 3rd Bass's The Cactus Album for a historical point of reference; yes, dudes are white, but they had their finger on the pulse." Ha. Shoals. Gas face given.[The Sporting Blog] • Carlos Zambrano is determined to give the Cubs' fans agita: He missed his MRI. Big League Stew has a list of possible reasons: "Believed MRI from June was 'good enough.'" [Big League Stew] • The Curse Of Damian Easley: He may be helping the team now, but the Mets should be wary of his contributions. [HotFootBlog] • Guam's Judo champion interviewed: Pretty fascinating guy: "Well I guess you need the experience and Balls to stand and fight in front of the world without fear of the consequences or judgment that comes with losing. Winning is even harder to deal with because the more you win the harder it is to accept your next loss. EVERYONE loses in Judo. It is a part of the sport. It is how you learn and become better." [Sean's Ramblings]