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Afternoon Blogdome: It Never Ends, Cubs Fans

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And they usually have such good luck: There's bad tattoos and then there's 100 years of cursed frustration bad. You don't even want to see where he put the tat of Bartman's face. [St. Louis Post-Dispatch] • Domo arigato, bitches: Cubs GM Jim Hendry has a different theory about the playoff failure. He fired Kosuke Fukudome's translator. Yeah, that should fix everything. [NQTC] • Look away, baby, look away: Cleveland has a big game this Thursday against the Denver Broncos, so here's what else is on TV so Browns fans have something entertaining to watch. [Waiting For Next Year] • Sexy Backswings: Justin Timberlake now has an endorsement deal with Callaway Golf. So remember ... the next time you get the urge to hit Justin Timberlake in the face with a four-iron, think Callaway. [Dogs That Chase Cars] • What's wrong with Boxing Day?: Some guy's dad thinks American boxers are all washed-up nobodies. Why, that makes me so mad I could ... hey, look a donut. [Machochip]


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