Doesn't he look human?: Here's the Dirty Bird: “We ran into Jamal Anderson at a bar in Atlanta. He ended up buying us 8 rounds of shots and then passing out on the bar.” [SBB] • Yeah, that headline could be misconstrued: Thankfully, these Yankees are no longer sniffling. [The Sports Hernia] • More Sterger: "I like quotable movies. I absolutely love to laugh. I like a lot of what Judd Apatow is coming out with. But old school like what my parents raised me on? Back to the Future - fun light hearted movies. I don't watch movies that are going to make me cry or not sleep at night. But conversely I absolutely love the show Dexter. It's fun, it's sarcastic - totally my sense of humor. I think sometimes people read what I have said or written and think I'm bitchy and it's not that at all. It's my sarcasm and that doesn't always come through if you are not speaking directly to someone." [Bob's Blitz] • Athletes still love their Cheetos though: "The biggest difference is in the consumption. These guys can easily burn upwards of 2000 calories each practice and significantly more in games. That is a huge number. Someone like CB needs to replace all those calories just to get back to even. I try and try to get them to eat a bit more quality protein. It is vital for their recovery process." [My Hogtown]