She just keeps talking: "I have never auditioned for reality tv. I have met with producers regarding opportunities but you know what? My life is not a hot enough mess for them. They need so much more drama…than my life is…I don’t have this psychological disorder resume to get on one of those shows. I’m not trying to date Flavor Flav or Brett Michaels or anyone like that so there really is no point to me doing reality tv at this point." [Bob Mantz's Blitz] • Curt Schilling's geekiness reaches extraordinary new levels: The first World of Warcraft Cinematic trailer set a bar that through today had been unmatched in my opinion.With Warhammer Online receiving a massive amount of attention due to the lifting of the NDA in beta and it’s impending release I thought I’d offer up this.The cinematic I just watched has raised the bar to a new level. This is, in my opinion, the best trailer, including Movies, I’ve ever seen. At 4:31 I thought it might be too long but was left wanting more when it ended. I had some reservations about playing that are now gone. I’ll try it no matter what. Not because the movie is so cool, but because of the time and effort put into the cinematic that gives me hope the product will get the same love and attention. Check it out here and how about that Squig Herder! [38pitches] • It might be a good giveaway at the stadium at the stadium: "Unfortunately for Carroll Master, a recent trip to the concession stand at a Greensboro Grasshoppers game ended up costing him a lot more than money. It cost him his eye." [SBB] • Greg Oden's deep thoughts: "Other than me playing on me I moved into my new place. It really nice and just relaxing to have a view of the city of Portland. Also knowing that im in the place that I own feels good too." [Dwight Jaynes]