Some people call the Space Cowboy.

• Cooley learned from the best: A young Jim Zorn built his rising career on a solid foundation. Like a mighty tent pole, one might say. [DC Sports Blog] • Yep, that's a Blue Devil all right: You know how some people look like their pets? This is much scarier—coaches who look like their mascots. Scarier, because some of them are dead on. [Boosh Magazine] • Also, his name's not Tim: Tim Montgomery may be a lying, stealing, drug-dealing scoundrel but at least didn't cheat on th... what's that? Oh, he did cheat? The Olympics, you say? Very well, then. [Steroid Nation] • Better than Jaws 3: See the NFL ... IN 3-D! Also known as "going to an NFL game". [Steady Burn] • Live the dream: All I want out of life is that when I walk down the street folks will stop and say, "There goes the guy who bought a painting from the daughter of the greatest hitter who ever lived." [Darren Garnick’s Media Lab]