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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Illustration for article titled Afternoon Blogdome: Joe Torres Horses, Consoling Cubs Fans and Victorias Secret Pick Em

So you know that insurance commercial that shows Joe Torre in his new "lifestyle," doing things like drinking wheatgrass, carrying small dogs and trying to pitch a screenplay? Why didn't they show him doing at least one cool thing, say, leaning against a rail at Santa Anita, a cigar in one hand and a racing form in the other? At least it'd have been accurate, seeing as how the horses that Torre owns are about as hot as his Dodger team. [Big League Stew] • Here's something to make Cubs fans smile. Remember how the cameras would find chicks in the bleachers, and Harry would invariably slur, "There's a couple of lovely fans, enjoying tonight's game." And just try to imagine him pronouncing this year's roster. Ought to be good for a chuckle. Or, think back to when Sosa popped his cork on the field. That's funny now, right? [Babes Love Baseball] • Not doing so well in your office pool? Let's see if you can pick better than a Victoria's Secret employee. [Playing the Field]


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