Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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Jealous, much?: You know you want this jersey, so don't even hide it. [Okay Player Board] He's doing very well: Meet the 10 richest owners in sports. Then ask them why they charge you $5.50 for a boiled hot dog. [The Golden Spoke] Mind the gap: Here's proof that an Olympic Triathlete can outrun a London subway train. But then how would he get to enjoy that lovely bagpipe player busking at Tottenham Court Road? [Going Underground] Who are you? Vidal Sassoon?: Long-haired hippie people need not apply to play on North Korean soccer teams (or live anywhere in Kim Jong Il's land of wonder and spices.) [Gheorghe: The Blog] No sympathy here: The San Francisco 49ers organization is ... how do you say? Not. good. Five more Super Bowl trophies ought to solve that. [Major League Jerk] Off the deep end: Is cliff diving a sport? Do they give out Olympic medals for attempted suicide? [ProTraveller]


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