Afternoon Blogdome: Maria Sharapova And Tiny Gnome Woman Enjoy The Catwalk

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Or gymnast Nastia Liukin: Both of the women were attending Fashion Week in NYC, sitting around, watching tall people prance around in weird, expensive outfits.They're just fortunate they, unlike Julianne Margulies (Beware: NIGHTMARE FUEL), kept their legs crossed. [With Leather] • Rob Dibble goes all Nasty Boy on Keith Law: "I’m not down of you Bizzy, I love numbers and stats too, but Keith Law saying Jim Rice would be the worst outfielder in The HOF because his OBP on the road is low is a joke, anybody who faced him says he’s a HOFer, Keith Law played how many games in The Big leagues?…Sometimes numbers get in the way of common sense, that’s what I’m talking about….Rice was awesome and who cares what Keith Law thinks anyway, he needs a good beating from Rosie O'Donell."[The Big Lead] • Bed-hopping soccer fella forgot to wrap it up: "On the opening day of the season Gabriel Agbonlahor scored a hat-trick within seven minutes of pitch-time, but it appears the promising striker has got good game in other aspects of his life, as he bedded three sexy ladies all at the same time, according to the News Of The World." [] • MMA fighter protesting at the RNC: "Remember last week at the Republican National Convention (RNC) there were news reports of protestors being arrested. One of them was MMA heavyweight Jeff Monson. I never new Monson was so politically active. The only other MMA fighter I know of who get involved in politics is Matt Lindland and he is running for a house seat in Oregon as a Republican. I guess Jeff Monson will protest his ass too." [Watch Kalib Run]