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Afternoon Blogdome: Michael Phelps Is Not Helping Himself

Too much vinegar in the pool?: Look, the Olympics ended weeks ago. Everyone should just give this guy a break and get off his bac... what, that picture right there? At a celebrity bowling tournament? OK, maybe you have a point. [Best Week Ever] • It's a rescue, not a bailout: Merritt Paulson, son of Treasury Secretary Hank, is taking his father's business acumen and applying it to low-level professional sports. Now all he needs is $85 million in taxpayer money, and don't you worry your pretty little head about the rest. [Slanch Report] • Serenity now!: Cut the NFL refs some slack—they're only human. Stupid puny humans with soft squishy brains. [PSAMP] • We'd like a word with Shawn Green: For our Jewish friends, a few things they might want to atone for tonight. Not you, Hank Greenberg. It's all good. [Sports Crackle Pop]


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