To burn my kingdom, you must you

He's incorrigible: Emmitt Smith is just a man who enjoys a little football. And maybe some of the halftime entertainment. You can take the Cowboy out of Dallas.... [Friends of the Program] • Worst rap album ever: Brett Favre is "the notorious butt-slapper." No further comment. [What Would Oakley Do?] • We were all thinking it: Matt Ryan: Good rookie? Or the best rookie? Let's ask his pets. [Fan IQ] • There goes my hero: Do you think you can beat Michael Conely at Guitar Hero? It should be pretty easy, since he doesn't seem to own a guitar. [Yard Barker] • Who else?: "After Sunday nights game I was getting all kinds of hell about what was going to happen to me when I fell asleep on the plane due to the whole air humping thing. You know, asses on your face, dicks drawn on you forehead, or the very popular picture of you sleeping with someone's balls touching you then getting the photo texted to your phone in the morning prank. So I went back to entertain a little pre-plane wrestling match and take care of business. Before I knew it I was held down on the floor being manhandled and punched in the crotch, oh yea, I got air humped in retaliation while I was down too." [Chris Cooley]