Hey, sweetheart, you wanna play who's da boss in my pants?: This is the perfect addition to a businessperson's special for the Phillies: "Any fan who purchases a piece of TOUCH product from the collection will get the chance to meet Alyssa and receive a free autographed gift from her. The meet and greet will take place from 12:15-1:15 p.m. (before the 1:05 p.m. Phillies game against the St. Louis Cardinals)." Over/under on number of proposals she receives from guys named Sal? [The Fightin's]

Look at all the pretty blood...: UFC 86 had its fair share of controversy. (Forrest Griffin-Rampage being just one of them.) But for those uninterested in all of the floor grappling and chest-pumping histrionics that comes with MMA and just want to look at photos of mangled fighters with flayed faces, well, fine. Eat your dessert first. [With Leather]

Hooray for Jews!: The JTA is just fired up this year's All-Star selections: "At least three players of Jewish descent" were named to this year's roster.Youklis. Kinsler. Braun. Mazel Tov, etc. [Undrafted Free Agent]

Jerome Bettis' Urinals Are Spy-On-Your-Girl Ready:"Jerome Bettis’ Grille 36 restaurant on Pittsburgh’s Riverfront has been honored by Cintas for its “quality materials”, “sports theme”, and the one-way mirrors that let you check on your date (and the 50-inch plasmas) while you take a leak." [Sports By Brooks]