Afternoon Blogdome: Take Your Bags, Sir?

Illustration for article titled Afternoon Blogdome: Take Your Bags, Sir?—It's the feel good hit of the summer!They would have gone as a Super Bowl trophy, but they didn't know what that looks like: Leave it to the Lions to hold their annual Halloween party on a Monday night and invite Roy Williams, who isn't even on the team anymore. On the other, he did have the best costume. [Not Qualified To Comment + World of Issac]• The Acorn Bowl: Revealed! The secret socialist Muslim conspiracy to put Penn State and Texas in the BCS title game. Is that before or after Jo Pa dismantles the American government? [Famous DC] • Make it rain on America: Speaking of socialists, Jermaine O'Neal has no problem redistributing his wealth to the poors. Good thing he doesn't have to feed Latrell Sprewell's kids. [My Hogtown] • Here we go again: Hey, Titans fans—have you met Mercury Morris? Oh, you will.... [Josh Q. Public] • With Jerramy Stevens' on "very special teams": Bring back Bobby Huack! So maybe his previous group of Washington Huskies got a little rapey ... just win, baby! [The Grizzoulian]