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Afternoon Blogdome: The Hottest Spot North Of Gund Arena can't smile without you.

You gave without taking: LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony both have Barry Manilow on their iPods. So they got the mix tape I sent? [Deuce of Davenport] • Some facial hair wouldn't hurt: Be a leader ... the Kevin Millar Way. In other words, hit .230 ... with authority. [Goat Riders] • Watching a game on is actually worse than watching a game on the NFL network. We assume. No one has ever done the latter. [Vintown] • Doggone it: Should Michael Vick get paid for helping to sell all that wine? Did they use his "fremented grapes stolen from the mess hall" recipe? [Sports Climax] • Bo-ring: Wait, a college basketball post that's actually about like ... basketball? This won't do. [Storming The Floor] • Never surrender: Cincinnati Bengals fans persist in a completely futile effort. What did you expect? We're talking about people who voluntarily root for the Bengals. [Who Dey]


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