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Afternoon Blogdome: This Is How You Get People Interested In Hockey

Medium pimpin': Mike Commodore is enjoying his time in Columbus. Yep, that's a professional hockey physique. [Light The Lamp] • How many readers out there could do the Icky Shuffle right now, from memory?: Excessive celebrations are a serious problem that the NFL will not tolerate. Now check out this package of awesome touchdown celebrations from! [Bleeding Green Nation] • And coming up on the rail, it's Landslide!: Rove has been scratched from his claiming race against Crafty Maverick and Bad Little Fellow. If he didn't have that 300-pound jockey named George on his back the poor guy might have had a chance. [Extreme Mortman] Employees must wash hands after cheering: How to turn a negative health department review into some positive school spirit. If only their mascot was the Rats. [Failblog] • Mike Alstott is a true weiner!: You see, Tampa Bay purposely misspelled Mike Alstott's name on that old-timey creamsicle jersey as a tribute to their organization's legendary incompetence. It will look quite nice next to the World Chumps! t-shirts. [Slanch Report]


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