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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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It's Hard Out There for a Spanish Team: Gijon must mean 'punching bag.' [Federation Soccer] • Almost As Good As Blackalicious: College football's weekly alphabet aerobics, "A is for Anarchy! Anarchy! Anarchy! Florida, Georgia, USC, and Wisconsin all lose in different varieties of agony in Week 5, a spectacular and bloody beheading of the current aristocracy in college football in a single extended weekend’s action." [Sporting Blog] • I'd Like to Thank the Phanatic: The Philadelphia Phillies post-season acceptence speech, "(Pause for "IronPigs, IronPigs" chant)..." [Big League Stew] • Ha. He Said 'DeSeaned': Steve Smith is your all time receiving TD leader in Carolina. [FanHouse] • Signs, Signs, Everywhere There's Signs: From Athen's Georgia. [College Game Balls] • I <3 Charlie: Video of Phillies Manager Charlie Manuel after yesterday's game. He's so excited, he just can't hide it. [The Fightins] • ARRRRR! The Pittsburgh Pirates will determine this weekend's playoff picture. [SportsByBrooks] • Pretty: F1 racing in Singapore ... at night [East Coast Bias]


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