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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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DeShawn Stevenson is ready to start the season: The Washington Wizards guard spent $1,000 on these personalized wristbands featuring modified Lil' Wayne lyrics. Well, something is definitely blowing. [DC Sports Blog] Who needs stock options? It's not that the Devil Rays couldn't find one person to throw out the first pitch at their first ever playoff game—there were too many to choose from! So 52 club employees who have been there since 1995 will do the honors. The one who throws the hardest will be immediately added to the roster. [SbB] Yep, you're doing it wrong: The New Jersey Nets are holding tryouts for their senior dance squad. That's senior as in "citizens." Hey, it's still not as bad a personnel decision as drafting Yinka Dare. [Hugging Harold Reynolds] A backhand winner: Click here to see Rafael Nadal's bare ass. Don't even pretend you're not interested. [CelebSlam]


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