Afternoon Blogdome: Well, This Seems A Bit Excessive

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Grave-dancing on the Patriots: Bernard Pollard has become a hero to many in the AFC East. This is the type of T-shirt that might get a person smacked . Or praised. [Believe Merch] • O.J.'s still delusional, chatty but will let you take him out to dinner: "When we first meet, Simpson seems stiff and uncomfortable, but he grows increasingly relaxed as the dinner progresses. Still, his mood shifts frequently. At some moments he's boisterous and animated, at others he turns surly or pensive. Occasionally he rambles incoherently and waves his hand dismissively when asked to clarify his answers. Bits of bread fly out of his mouth as he makes one especially forceful argument; at another point he dribbles a stream of steak juice down the front of his white shirt." [Radar] • Some sympathy for the Patriots. (Not really.):" I have so much sympathy for the Patriots, I’m going to compile a tribute video for Brady and Bill Belichick consisting entirely of the Patriots going for it on 4th and 1 when leading the Bills 42-10 last year before throwing his fifth touchdown pass en route to a 56-10 victory, set to sad piano music and accompanied by the caption “This won’t happen in 2008″ displayed underneath in touching, sympathetic cursive." [Best Week Ever] • Embracing your inner Bengals douchebaggery:" I created my own Bengal shoes on They are orange and black. After shipping costs, these were close to $200. They say "Who Dey" on the back. They might as well say "Douche Bag"." [Who Dey Revolution] •