Ah, beer and football. Perfect together. But which team's fans appreciate the combination the most? Here is your answer, complete with video. I'm a little surprised that Chicago only got a Wild Card mention. Kyle Orton is very disappointed. [Latest Word] • Mark Cuban's brother, Brian, gets banned from Digg. Karmic payback? Mr. Smartypants got caught trying to manipulate the system with evil technology. In retaliation, Mark has banned Digg from the Mavericks locker room. [The Cuban Revolution] • Lance Armstrong tries to explain why cyclists can't be sex gods. Except for him of course. He's better than that. But Spencer raises a good point. No woman is going to tell you you're bad in bed. She's going to tell all her friends instead. [The Sporting Blog] • You mean it's not enough just to bring a team into a city? You have to win too? Clearly Hal Bodley has overlooked the fact that Tampa sucked before this year. [Walkoff Walk]