Win-win: Following the football team's big victory over the Longhorns, it's time to take a good, long look at the females of Texas Tech. [Gunaxin] • Hey, it's better than getting repeatedly torched: "After watching the Nuggets lose to the Lakers for the eighth straight time last night, I'm convinced that the Nuggets should just skip all these future Lakers matchups and use that time for extra rest." [Denver Stiffs] • Stay classy, Phillies fans: Video of a Phillies fan who goes ballistic, and threatens another fan with a bat for having the gall to spill beer on her baby. [Busted Coverage] • Obama is good for the Yankees: "Close associations with Rudy Giuliani aside, the New York Daily News’ William McGee insists “Barack Obama signifies hope. Not over the economic meltdown or the War on Terror, but for October baseball in the Bronx.” [Can't Stop the Bleeding] • Larry Brown hates fat people (like Sean May): “Right now I don’t think he’s ready to play at all,” coach Larry Brown said Saturday. “I think he’s trying, but I don’t think he’s in the kind of shape to be able to compete on this level and do all the things he’s capable of doing.” [Both Teams Played Hard] • Killer Bee: "much like the wu tang clan, true freshman laron byrd ain't nuttin to fuck with" [Lieutenant Winslow]