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Ain't No Party Like A Vince Young Party

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The shirtless drinking photos of Titans quarterback Vince Young have been circulating around the internet for the past 12 hours, with all sorts of questions as to what in the name of all that is Nelly is going on here. The photos, allegedly sent from a tipster who saw Young swigging and jigging at some sort of shirts-optional party in Texas, were first featured on the blogxilla site.

To be fair, some sites have suggested that this may be a private Down Low convention where bruthas and bears alike can get all Blue Oyster-y in peace. But, that seems a bit extreme; let's not jump to conclusions and start the Kordell Stewart comparisons just yet, considering that, yes, there are a pack of ladies milling around in the back of the club in some of the photos. Besides, what guy hasn't been to a shirtless party in the last few weeks, right?

Either way, Vince seems much more interested in glug-glugging the tequilla bottle than anything else.


Calls to Tennessee Titans rep Robbie Bohrens (you know, why not?) were not returned. I'll just insert his exasperated "no comment" right here for now, pending some kind of official statement that they have no reason to make anyway. (UPDATE: Titans did return a call. They gave a "no comment" that was not that exasperated.)

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