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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise


• If Jim Thome ever makes any sort of notable news, it should be everyone's reflexive reaction to see if The Dugout has re-enacted the scene. [The Dugout]
• The Internet is reporting that NASCAR sources — actual people! — are considering moving the Daytona 500 to November. [Captain Thunder]
• The definition of "pro football player" is becoming a little gray. [The Sports Oasis]
• NFL power rankings in July? Aw, why not. [ArmchairGM]
• How did everyone enjoy "Being Jason Giambi" night last night at the St. Paul Saints Game? That "stuff" sounded fun. [The National Anthem Before A Cubs Game]
• Few Chicago Blackhawks hopefuls get their own French-subtitled photo essays. [Kill Bill Wirtz]
• Wladimir Klitschko is no longer a loser. [Rumors and Rants]
• Injuries to the White Sox have exposed Kenny Williams' ability to develop a minor league system. [Foul Balls]
• Never let statistics get in the way of a good All-Star vote. [Nyjer Please]
• And our five-man rotation of underperforming starting pitchers are... [NBX Sports Action Blog]
• Managers are above using "tummy ache" in an informal injury report. [BlownCoverage]


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