Signs at the Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport (Photo: Dan McQuade/Deadspin)

MINNEAPOLIS — Travelers for the Super Bowl continue to stream into Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport. They’re being greeted by a sign that informs them of the dangers of the Super Bowl program.

“Please keep your program with you,” a sign from TSA and MSP informs travelers at baggage claim. “Place it in a bin by itself when you go through security.”

No, Super Bowl programs aren’t dangerous. But the magazines, which are produced by H.O. Zimman, Inc., have a cover with an ultra-thin holographic transfer metallization. That could cause issues with baggage screening, especially when thousands of fans are leaving MSP Airport starting on Monday.

“TSA recommends that Super Bowl programs be transported in carry-on baggage,” Transportation Security Administration spokeswoman Lorie Dankers says. “This is not a requirement. However, it will reduce the chances of a bad check during the security screening process.”


Travelers who abide by that TSA recommendation will have to put their Super Bowl program in a separate bin as it goes through the carry-on security screening. That “will ensure a smooth trip through the security checkpoint.” Fans in town for the Super Bowl will find out how smooth that trip is starting tomorrow.