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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Al Unser Victim Of Prostitution Ring Blackmail Plot? Let's Go To The Videotape

Illustration for article titled Al Unser Victim Of Prostitution Ring Blackmail Plot? Lets Go To The Videotape

Al Unser Jr. is known to me for two things: Winning the Indy 500 twice, and getting well-oiled on occasion and earning DUIs. Now, make that three things.


Unser Jr. was allegedly the victim of an extortion plot, according to the Albuquerque, N.M. district attorney's office. In a 137-count indictment against a guy named Bobby McMullin — internet escort service proprietor, downtown strip club owner and all-around swell guy — prosecutors say that Unser Jr. was being blackmailed with claims of a "compromising" video tape that showed the racer with a prostitute.

Unser is mentioned in counts 72 and 73 of the indictment. The DA's office said McMullin told Unser he had video of the racing legend in a "compromising position." McMullin allegedly asked Unser for $750,000, or he would release the tape to the public.


How exactly was McMullin going to release the tape? YouTube? Regis & Kelly? Deadspin tips? The answer is unclear. What is clear: Unser Jr. is one hard-drivin', hard-drinkin', hard-lovin' son-of-a-gun. Perhaps he should reel things in now that he's in his mid-forties? Let's get it under control, Little Al. Even Gunnar knows when to put on his leg brace*.

* = Will be explained in the comments.

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