Alabama Assistant Coach Had Playbook Stolen Before National Championship

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Alabama defensive line coach Karl Dunbar’s backpack—which held his playbook and laptop—was stolen from the team’s Atlanta hotel before this week’s national championship game against Georgia.

According to Atlanta’s WSB-TV, Dunbar left his backpack in a conference room at the hotel before it disappeared. In addition to the playbook and laptop, it contained his cellphone, passport and $1,300 in cash. Some of those items were later found in a bathroom, but the playbook was not among them. Police say they do not know who stole the backpack.


The information from the police report is supplemented with some nice man-on-the-street reporting by WSB-TV to get an important perspective: what do Georgia fans think?

“It’s bad. It’s definitely bad. One shouldn’t do it and I believe Georgians wouldn’t do it,” Georgia fan Bobby Val said.


One shouldn’t steal backpacks. Bobby is right.