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Alabama Drops Mississippi State, Will Get Back In The Top Four

It seemed like Mississippi State came into this game with some extreme tightness in the butthole area. The first score of the game was an Alabama safety, and Dak Prescott didn't seem much like the Dak Prescott we've grown to admire. They ended up spotting Alabama 19 before they got a field goal to close the half.

They did manage to unclinch for the second half, though, and they they fought Alabama admirably. But the hole had been dug too deep and Alabama was too good. They usually are. Respect to the Bulldogs for the backdoor cover, though.


My guess is that this loss, despite being their first, despite being on the road, and despite being against an absolute powerhouse, will push them out of the top four entirely come Tuesday evening. This is because their name is Mississippi State, and not the name of an absolute powerhouse. That shouldn't matter, but as it turns out, the new poll is working pretty much like all the old polls.

I'll also guess that Alabama will move in, because that doesn't seem unreasonable when you're #5 and you beat #1. Who will they push out? Maybe Mississippi State. Maybe any and all teams that struggled to beat Kansas.

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