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Alabama Sorority Girl Rap Is One Of Those Videos That Thinks It Is A Parody But Is Actually Just Really Embarrassing

The Alabama Sorority Girl rap is not the Andover rap, folks. It's not fraught with a damn thing. There's half a level of irony at play here, tops.

The girls begin by rapping over Diplo and Afrojack's bonkers beat for Chris Brown's "Look At Me Now," but instead of Busta Rhymes and Lil Wayne bringing supporting verses, we get Ashley and Ashlee and Ashleigh trying to sell us their Kappas and their Gammas and their Deltas. This actually includes the line, "fresher than Nick Saban." I bet these girls rented all the soul they had in stock at Aaron's.


Plus, the video brings us an unpleasant cultural collision—we see the stately southern manses that are now the Greek houses, and we expect typical Southern sorority girls. It's really the least we deserve. Instead we get girls in long lax pinnies. Where is the Lilly Pulitzer?

Of course, the fucking thing then segues into a soundalike to Rebecca Black's "Friday," a video which provided more depth and meaning and poignance in a few frames than this film ever could. And then it ends with all the performers in the stadium, because it has to.

On our viral video scale, we give it a 2.0. That'll be a welcome GPA boost for most 'Bama students.

UA sorority girls bust rhymes in Rush Week rap video [ blog, h/t BJ]


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