Alabama placekicker Cade Foster missed all three of his field goal attempts in last night's 34-28 loss to Auburn. Because of his bad night, Nick Saban brought in backup Adam Griffith, whose one and only miss was returned by Chris Davis for the game-winning touchdown. Some Crimson Tide fans found Foster on Twitter and said nasty things, because it's easier to pick on a kicker instead of an entire team.

Foster actually blacked out his account's avatar and changed his name to "aaa" some time after the game. Fans still found him. This obviously doesn't represent the sentiments of all Alabama fans, but the hate that came from this select group was just so cruel.

Someone should tell Jordan kickers don't usually get drafted—you know what? Never mind.

After a while, teammate CJ Mosley justifiably told people to fuck off.

Yeah, just leave Twitter alone for a bit, Cade.

Photo: Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

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