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Alarmingly Red Jon Gruden: Khalil Mack Didn't Want To Be Here

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Future former Raiders coach Jon Gruden will make his regular-season debut tonight against the Rams, but because his team will be ass and because erstwhile Raiders superstar Khalil Mack was a beast yesterday, his team’s lunkheaded decision to trade Mack last week will certainly be a constant topic of conversation tonight. Gruden has spent the offseason ignoring Mack, enjoying the spoils of his own $100 million deal, and generally plunging the Raiders roster into turmoil. So, his take on the matter? Mack didn’t want to be in Oakland. Oh, for sure, man.

This is obviously self-serving and wrong, and I am really looking forward to Gruden getting grilled about why the franchise refused to negotiate with Mack, and grilled right up until the final 2020 draft pick that changed hands is used. All the better if Gruden’s firing comes before then.


However, all that football nonsense is far less important than Gruden’s extreme ruddiness. Dude looks like he fell asleep in a boat yesterday afternoon and just woke up. This ESPN interview clearly had to be conducted in a dark room, or else he risked becoming leather. Hopefully, he will have located the aloe vera by kickoff.

Staff writer, Deadspin

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