Yesterday, Albert Belle, after being arrested and charged with stalking, pled guilty yesterday and will serve 90 days in jail. He has already served 29 of those, which means he has 61 left, though we bet Belle has added wrong.

The judge emphasized that if he had any more contact with the victim, he would sent him to prison, rather than jail; we respect the judge for resisting the addition of the phrase, "federal pound-me-in-the-ass prison." Belle apologized to the victim, whom, we remind you, had to deal with the fact that Belle had unknowingly installed a GPS device on her car.

We are pleased that Belle confessed to his crime and will be have a couple of months to think it over, though we still think guards should keep an eye out for Jason Grimsley, who may try to break in and bust Belle out. Though he could probably find his way toward the jail on his own, actually.

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