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A Washington Post article today detailed Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin’s extensive memorabilia collection, which spans both his basement in Virginia and his family’s house outside Moscow. Via the Post:

Enter the loft, and start the tour. Ovechkin’s old Russian national team jerseys line the wall with matching photos. An Ulf Dahlen San Jose Sharks jersey, the first piece of NHL apparel Ovechkin’s father ever bought him, is also displayed. Old gloves and helmets sit atop the ceiling’s wood beams. Five tickets from the 2004 NHL draft, when Ovechkin was picked first overall by Washington, are tacked into the wall, next to the draft jersey Ovechkin was presented on stage.


Ovechkin also has a habit of saving all the sticks from the significant goals he’s scored throughout his career:

The next one will be from the 600th tally of his career, and in what has become a tradition, Ovechkin will ask the players who record an assist on the goal to sign the stick before it’s displayed in the basement of his Northern Virginia home.

Blah blah blah, nothing too interesting, but wait! Here’s an infuriatingly tossed-off detail in the description of Ovechkin’s family’s country home in Russia, where the article says he still spends his summer weekends:

There’s a painting in the living room depicting Ovechkin riding a horse while playing the mandolin.


Alex went half-A-Rod! And yet somehow, there’s no picture of this painting in the article, despite it being the most fascinating and weird item of the collection. I have so many questions. Did Ovie go shirtless like his buddy Putin? Does he really know how to play the mandolin? Is the horse the same one that accompanied him for this fantastic photoshoot? Here’s what I think it might look like:

An artist’s rendering of the alleged painting.
Image: Lauren Theisen (Deadspin)

If you have any information about or pictures of Alex Ovechkin’s horse painting, please contact

[Washington Post]


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