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Photo: Drew Hallowell (Getty Images)

There’s a photo of ESPN baseball analyst and former New York Yankees pariah Alex Rodriguez using a bathroom for its intended purpose. The picture was snapped from the building adjacent to A-Rod as he sat on the toilet, but there’s nothing explicit about it. The only notable details are that there’s a monogrammed towel on the rack, suggesting that it’s Rodriguez’s residence, and that he’s looking at his phone while taking a Jeter. Who among us, though?

Alex Rodriguez, however, does not want anyone to see him closing deals as he’s passing meals. As reported in a triple-bylined New York Post article, the ex-Yankee has rounded up his lawyers so they can figure out who took the photo and take action. (What action, exactly? Why does this luxurious bathroom in what is surely a very expensive apartment not have curtains, or at the very least frosted glass?) The adjacent building from where the photo was taken is rented by a few different hedge funds, but none of them commented to the Post. The photo was reportedly “making the rounds via email through Wall Street and media circles on Thursday,” which—yeah, makes sense.


You can find the photo on Twitter with a simple search, but in case you cannot, here is an artist’s interpretation:

Illustration: Jim Cooke (GMG)

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