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Alex Rodriguez On Steroids Since High School?

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Here we go. It's two weeks until Selena Roberts' book about Alex Rodriguez hits shelves, but the media blitz begins today with the New York Daily News taking the first look at the ugly details.

There's enough scandal and intrigue in just one little newspaper page to fill ... well, a book. Among the tales contained in the forthcoming tome: more accusations of HGH use, this time with the Yankees (and Kevin Brown), A-Rod's nasty poker habit, his "out-of-town floozies", conspiracies with players on opposing teams to pad stats, and allegations from former teammates—and Jose Canseco!—that Alex was on steroids as early as his high school career.

Rodriguez put on 25 pounds of muscle between his sophomore and junior years, and word was that his connection was a dog kennel owner. A former high school teammate told Roberts the future No.1 MLB draft pick was on steroids and his coach knew it. Another student said the son of coach Rich Hofman admitted he saw Rodriguez use steroids.

Hofman said it was news to him. "Whatever he was doing, he was doing it somewhere else," he said.


The Daily News also says the Roberts book "dishes up a highly unflattering portrait of A-Rod as a needy me-firster who had to have his ego constantly stroked." Gee, really? SPOILER ALERT! Did you know he's also bad tipper at Hooters! Plus, he just looks like the kind of guy who would kick puppies for fun.

But the coup de grace of the entire volume has to be the nugget about A-Rod's new nickname, given to him by his Yankee teammates in 2005: "Bitch Tits." Yeah, this is going to be a good two weeks.

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