We can't be much clearer than that headline. Carmen Sucart, wife of A-Rod's cousin Yuri, says a few years back, Rodriguez once came to the Sucarts' house (that A-Rod gave to them) and threatened them to keep their mouths shut about his performance-enhancing drug use. Then, he peed on the floor as a message.

From the New York Daily News:

"Alex is an aโ€”โ€”โ€”." Carmen Sucart said on Thursday. "He is a bad person."

She said Rodriguez came to the Miami home Rodriguez provided to the Sucarts in 2010 and vowed to destroy the family if they went public with his use of performance-enhancing drugs. Then he urinated on the floor, she said, as if to mark the house as his territory.

"He was so arrogant, he came into my house like he thought he was a god," Carmen Sucart said.

A-Rod? Thinking he's a god? No way.

Photo: AP