Alex Rodriguez Ruins It For The Rest Of Us (Again)

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Well, that's everyone. Any baseball player who has done anything notable in the last ten years did so while hopped up on goofballs. So I guess baseball is canceled now?

No one comes out clean on this. The players are dirty, obviously. The league is dirty for creating a rule and then making zero attempts to enforce it for 12 years. The union is dirty for trying beat the system and then selling out their players when they failed. The media is dirty for digging through medical records and gossiping about privileged information to get their scoops. Fans are guilty for acting all righteous about "sacred" numbers and asterisks, while looking the other way as football (and yes, basketball) players balloon to gargantuan size. So why are we doing all this again? The arrests and the trials and Skip Bayless editorials all seem pretty worthless at this point.

Actually... this New York Post front page sort of does make it all worth it. You just don't get opportunities like that every day.


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What does everybody else think .....?

Bud's hair?: I guess baseball can't sweep this under the rug anymore. Unless they get a bigger rug. [No Joshin]

Then who is Catwoman?: Baseball has lost it's Dark Knight. Or gained it's Two-Face. I'm not sure. [3:10 to Joba]

Go to the source: When I think steroids in baseball, I think Mickey Morandini. [Mouthpiece Sports]


Unrelated, I'm sure: Barry Bonds' orthopedic surgeon attacked another doctor in what has been described as a "rage." Probably just a coincidence. [Steroid Nation]


The lone wolf: Barry is being singled out, in case you didn't already know that. If only it were more like that old Jenny McCarthy show. [Sports Climax]

Sit this one out: Maybe A-Rod should just retire? Because I'm sure everyone would just let him go in peace. [Kornheiser's Cartel]


Now that's a keepsake: The silver lining is that baseball cards may actually be worth something again. Well ... this one, anyway. [Wax Heaven]

Do I get free gum with that?: Here's your checklist, by the way. Collect them all! [Baseball's Steroid Era]


Not counting Eckstein: Meet the only clean Major League Baseball player. We think. Or at least we hope so. Please? [Luol's Dong]