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Alexis Sanchez Looks Like An Adorable Little Baby In His License Photo

Over the weekend, two days after Chile’s 1-0 World Cup qualifier loss to Argentina and three days before their must-win qualifier against Venezuela, star striker Alexis Sanchez was fined for driving 96 mph (155 kph) near Santiago, Chile, according to Chilean website EMOL. His court date has reportedly been set for April 12.

A speeding ticket isn’t all that remarkable, but the photo of Sanchez’s license that emerged from the incident (along with a photo of the ticket), is quite charming. On June 21, 2012 Alexis would have been 23. But he looks 15—16, tops.

Maybe it’s the shadow of a mustache, or the short, unassuming haircut, or the white undershirt peeking out from his baggy shirt, but Sanchez looks like a child in this photo.


This is evidence that everyone looks like babies in their license photos.

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