Connecticut and South Florida squared off in a classic Big East baseball tilt—or they tried to before a five-hour rain delay. So how do you kill time during the one thing more boring than Big East baseball? Simple: Worst community theater production of "West Side Story" ever.

Players from both teams spent the rain delay on Thursday trying to one up each other in the saddest dance competition since "You Got Served." There were Michael Jackson impersonators, Riverdancers, Soulja Boyz, and believe it or not ... the Macarena which I though had been banned by the Geneva Convention.

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I actually feel sorry for the camera operator who had nothing better to do on a weekday afternoon then watch college kids dance around like monkeys, but he captured over 12 minutes of this nonsense, capped off by shirtless scholarship athletes sliding on the wet tarp. There is a reason why college baseball is inferior to its football and basketball counterparts and this is it. May it haunt your Memorial Day dreams for all time.


UConn-USF Dance Off [BIGEAST.TV]