Not to be outdone by the only two guys in Iowa who listen to rap music, Georgia Tech fans would like to remind you about their opponents in the Orange Bowl of Awkward "Hip Hop" Videos, The GTGs. Lose yourself....

The GTGs—also known as "Swaff" and "DBay"—have a leg up on Korn Fed Records as they have been renting Lamborghinis and rhyming things with "engineering" for well over a year now. I mean, not just anyone can sell MP3s on iTunes. (What's that? Anyone can sell MP3s on iTunes? Moving on then....)


So when you throw in the Oregon Duck Lovers, that's three of the 10 BCS teams that are formally represented by white rap groups. Four, if you want to count these Teboners. So are there any Buckeyes or Longhorns or Bearcats spitting hot fire out there? I'll acknowledge any and all claimants to the throne, but I swear, if there is a Boise State rap group out there I will hunt down Vanilla Ice and punch him in the knees.


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UPDATE: And here's the OSU entry.... Two bowls covered.